Expressando em outras línguas - Texto antigo do primeiro ano da pesquisa

There is something about today that I need to say
A strange state of body/mind.
Images of daylife that seemed to be meaninful
I'm touched
For some kind of emotion
A sutle, simple one.
As if I am living a kind of sensible balance.
That can be broken and it is simply not
If you have everything you desire, would you be happy?
Complete? Fulfilled?
If you are living the best time of your life and you don't know
Nothing can change what you feel.
Life is being.
When you are alive simply alive.
Stare at a stranger eyes
What do you see?
Watched my mum sleeping
Saw the moon at the blue sky
Also the red clouds
Feel what you are feeling now
Meaning all the time
Nothing happen, everything is happening
A normal day
What do you remember that could have been a perfect day?
What would you like to live again and again?
How would you like to dance?

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  1. Com toda licença poética e prováveis erros de inglês... Expressar em outra língua tem outra lógica...


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